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Buying or combining Canadian flour to make US flour equivalent in Canada

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Buying or combining Canadian flour to make US flour equivalent in Canada

Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to combine Canadian flours (and specifically which ones) to equate an approximate 10 grams of protein in US all-purpose flour bought in the Philadelphia, PA area? All all-purpose flour available in the Toronto, ON area and according to Canadian requirements has about 13 grams of protein. It always requires more liquid than the US flour, and I don't use it in any US cake recipes because the end result is not the same. Also, all-purpose Canadian flour contains bensoyl peroxide as its bleaching agent, and it has been banned in some countries. The chlorine in US all-purpose flour probably isn't any better, but it is my understanding that both are used to soften the texture of the baked product. Without a softening agent, the baked product is heavier somehow. I have learned that Canadian unbleached pastry flour with lower protein (about 9 g), will not yield the same results as 10 g of US all-purpose. I had a flopped biscotti-type of cookie, when I tried using the Canadian unbleached pastry flour. Is there any way to combine specific types of Canadian flour or with an imported flour to produce a US-like flour? I might add that I have been purchasing US flour once a year for 30 years to avoid this problem, but I am unable to travel as frequently and can't find it here in Canada. Plus, the US flour expiry dates are usually 9 to 12 months ahead, which limits its use. Is there an unbleached or bleached alternative in Toronto, ON Canada  or anywhere in Canada which would solve my US all-purpose flour conversion dilemma? Thanks to anyone who may be able to contribute even a small suggestion, because I am stumped!

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Robin Hood Cake & Pastry Flour has a 10% protein content, and is bleached.

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Keith Sherwin

Arva Flour Mil l - they are located just north of London, ON and have a very nice selection. I would think they might be able to help you. If you ever get the opportunity to go there, it is a treat with the free range geese and water.

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I can't help you with combining flours..but I have had good results with the unbleached flours I buy at my local BulkBarn ( ). I mainly use the unbleached bread or allpurpose flour - they carry quite a selection of other types..triticale or spelt for example.