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hello from just outside of london!

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hello from just outside of london!

hi everyone 

i'm an american living in england, just outside of london (originally from houston, texas). I am a photographer who works from home so inbetween weddings and portrait sessions, i have taken up cooking/baking. I have always loved to cook and baked the occasional loaf of bread, but just recently decided to get a bit more serious about it.

i'm a huge bread freak and became extremely discouraged and somewhat disappointed when i began to discover just how difficult and confusing baking bread is.  I'm not sure how deep i will delve into this adventure, but i am happy i have found a place where i can get some answers.

look forward to reading more and hopefully posting some good news on the sourdough front.

take care,



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There are several wonderful sites to learn about sourdough baking... Of course, first and foremost - The Fresh Loaf; but also, King Arthur Flour site; and my personal favorite "" .... Takes you through lessons and tells you all about the process in simple friendly language without having to have a degree in chemistry. Loving my sourdough beasties... I feed and care for three... 2 white and 1 wholewheat.  Enjoy! Stick with it... you will learn to love it and not be frustrated.

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thank you, i will definitely check out sourdough home!

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Hi tami,

I'm based up north in Northumberland.   There are a good few UK-based TFL posters, all very good at posting excellent advice.

Look forward to you posting more.

Best wishes


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Hi tami!

Welcome of board. I'm in just outside London, too, originally from Japan......a loooong time ago. 

Look forward to a lot of bread-talks with you. :)



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