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Novice Baker trying to make Pannetone

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Novice Baker trying to make Pannetone


I'm struggling with making a light and airy Pannetone.

In particular, I'm struggling with the proofing and starter.  I've read and followed numerous receipes and videos but my attempts don't turn out the same.

I started using Fleishmann's active dry yeast, one packet - 1/4 cup warm water (110 F), added a 1/4 tsp of sugar and 3 tbs flour - let it set in warm place (85 F).  Everything I read say it should double or triple within an hour.  Mine does neither.  

I've used newly purschased yeast - still no sucess.  Really?  Can it be that difficult?

Ok, so I purchased the SAF Gold - it claimed no proofing necessary.  So I added the SAF Gold (2-1/4 tblsp) to 3 cups of AP flour, but after adding the flour to the creamed eggs, butter and sugar (3 eggs, 1/3 cup butter, 3/4 cup sugar - all at room temp) , the dough was  hard and didn't look like something that was going to turn out airy. 

I ended up adding some liquid to it - it took forever to raise and turned out dense.

Has anyone seen Laura Vitale's video on making Pannetone?  She makes it look so easy - I followed her steps, but mine never turned out light and airy as she shows/claims.

What the hey?

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Wow. I just watched the video. Talk about amateur time! Especially when she picks up the risen dough and it starts collapsing and then the video jumps to the baked cake with paper conveniently removed to purposely not show how its not bake up out of the mould. What a disaster!!!

Please forgive my tone but it had to be said. In the video she uses instant yeast. You made a mistake to skip the initial step with the SAF Gold. I sympathise in that it's hard to follow a recipe that's not explained very well! She makes no mention that shes using instant yeast apart from the fact that it weighs 1/4 oz which is a clue.

Personally I'd completey forget this recipe. I don't have a link to hand but many people here will promote Jim Lahey's panettone in terms of a good yeasted version. Check it out.

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I haven't made yeasted pannetone, I must admit, but I ran across a recipe for it a couple years back. You might give it a try.



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Since the Christmas season is not that long ago, the recents threads may be helpful. Pannetone is hashed and re-hashed every holiday season and there are some very fine recipes and links to be had.

Have fun!

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Hi ,

I had success this holiday season with a recipe from the King Arthur Flour site called Overnight Panettone.

Check it out!

All the best,



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is not something that can be made with a single fermentation, tons of yeast and overnight. Yes, you can get something with the shape of panettone anytime, but a REAL panettone requires a sourdough starter and 2 full fermentations. There's a reason for it: long fermentations affect taste, consistence and softness. I made literally dozens, I know what I'm talking about.

My starter is so active that it requires 18-20 hours from first dough to bake, maybe I should use less of it.

Francesco Elmi's recipe is the the closest to a real panettone that I can imagine. Txfarmer made a wonderful one following it.

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thanks i just watched that laura vitale video, im not sure why'd she'd remove it from the cake tin during its prove, as it collapsed and she lost all that lovely air. but the baked result looked wonderful to me. curious.

is anyone willing to experiment and try and then let us know ;)

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I just. Mixed up. Double batch of the starter....has no one had a success wiv this?