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Help me please (newbie)

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Help me please (newbie)

Hello everybody, I have just started baking my own bread and it is so much more fun and tastier (and healthier I am sure) than supermarket bought.

There is one big problem that I have which is becoming very very frustrating and starting to make me feel like I should just give up and buy it again!

My problem is that every time I let the bread rise, I take the cling film off the top and the bread just collapses as if the air is being let out of a balloon!

If anybody would like to try and help me out on this issue I would be MOST grateful...


A (very frustrated) bread maker...


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And welcome to The Fresh Loaf.

Sorry to hear about your struggles.  I'm not sure from your note whether you are talking about the first rise or the second rise after shaping the loaves.  In either event, a light film of oil can be sprayed or spread on the plastic wrap before putting it on the dough.  That takes care of about 95% of sticking issues.  Or you can put the dough (with its container, if need be) inside a clean plastic bag and inflate the bag just enough that it does not touch the dough while the dough ferments.

The other thing that may be happening is excessive fermentation.  In other words, you may be allowing the dough to expand so much that it can no longer support itself when it is subjected to light handling.  Of course, if you are ripping the top layer off with the plastic wrap, that goes beyond light handling!  ;-)

Best of luck.


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barriehie (not verified)

I let mine rise, 1st time, with a misting of water on the surface and cover with a cotton dish towel. The rise bowl is large enough such that dough won't ever get to the towel. HTH, Barrie

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I take it you're referring to the final proof, otherwise you wouldn't be so bothered.

If your dough is going to take about an hour or less to prove, you only need cover it with a dry tea towel. That's what my dad always did in the bakery - and that's the method my local baker uses.

If the dough is going to take much longer, then the plastic bag comes into it's own. Oil the inside, just in case it touches.

But, as for cling film - bleugh!!