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new to forum and confused about yeast!

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new to forum and confused about yeast!

hi everyone - 

i have just recently come down with the baking bug and have been giving it a go with pizza dough, basic french bread and just began my sourdough starter.

one thing i am extremely confused about is the different yeasts that are out there and referred to in recipes.

when i begin to make my sourdough, i have been told in the 'goldrush' starter recipe that if i want a less dense loaf, i need to add 'instant' yeast.  am i right in saying that instant yeast is breadmaker yeast?

things are labelled a little different in the UK so that doesnt help me much either.

any feedback would be appreciated.



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Mini Oven

Under baking FAQs you may find the answers you're looking for.  We also have a wealth of discussions in the search box.  It is also possible to ask it simple Q's to pull up discussions.  

Yes, instant yeast is bread making yeast.  The easiest to use and most common.  

Welcome to TFL! 

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Hi and welcome.

I am from the UK and I use Instant yeast from Doves Farm

Allinson also make it, Available in 7g sachets or a newly released 100g can.

Happy baking


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thank you very much - i know how annoying newbies who just want quick answers can be so i do appreciate you taking the time.