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prarie gold bread flour and All Trumps bread flour

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prarie gold bread flour and All Trumps bread flour

I received pararie gold bread flour and all trumps bread  flour as a gift.Im not sure how they compare to say King Arthurs Whole Wheat that I am use to using for my bread.Any ideas or recipies? Do I use them cup for cup etc.?



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I have been using All Trumps for a few years and love it. It is a strong flour suited for bagels. I also have used it for pizza dough and San Fran SD boules. Depending on where you live it may or may not be unbleached and un bromated. I have to always remember to order the unbleached product. Great flour by me.

I have used the Prairie Gold and I seem to recall it's also a strong high extraction flour with a nice looking speckle in the crust.

Hope this helps.


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Postal Grunt

Prairie Gold Flour from Wheat Montana is an excellent white whole wheat flour. You can use it in equal amounts to your KAF white whole wheat. I've used it in yeast and sourdough breads. It is also fine as a part of a pizza crust dough. I usually use about 20% Prairie Gold to 80% Natural White AP flour from Wheat Montana.

My experience has been that the flour is a little bit thirsty, needing an adjustment in water amounts in the dough mix. Prairie Gold has also shown itself to be an excellent flour for use in building up sourdough starters for baking, YMMV.

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I have been using Wheat Montana for about 2 years now. Though I am just getting started in sourdough baking, I have been baking other yeast products, including wheat, white, rye bread, and sweet rolls, etc. I use Wheat Montana White Whole Wheat as a substitute for one of the cups about 25% of my bread recipes that call for white, or bread flour--love it!  I also use it to lighten up some of the whole wheat recipes.  I use it for 50% of total for my hamburger buns and throw in a little wheat gluten, and a little extra yeast.