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WFO in Ohio

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WFO in Ohio

I am wanting to build my own wood fired oven. I live in NW Ohio and am wondering if anyone here is from Ohio and would be willing to share their experiences and possibly photos of what you built. I am looking for an outdoor oven more of a primative looking oven poosibly stacked fire brick.

Thank you


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Hi Werol,

I grew up in Northeast Ohio and worked for a few years in a bakery there. Despite having tremendous respect for WFO baking I have very little experience with it. Hopeful some experienced WFO users will chime in and help you out. There is also a pretty active  yahoo group that might be helpful for you.

Good Luck!


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Forno Bravo, which manufactures cast WFO kits, maintains this site, which is the place to start. You can obtain free plans for a DIY oven at tht site. Although they sell ovens, their site is very supportive of those who build their own. The forum, which is  at has a huge number of members who have built their own ovens, and as well as many who bought ovens from Forno Bravo. It's a terrific resource and the members are enormously helpful. There are regional sections where you can find other Ohio WFOs. There appear to be at least 3 outlet in Ohio which sell Forno Bravo ovens, as well.


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I live in Northeast Ohio and could provide photos, but my oven is an Alan Scott style. The suggestion to visit Forno Bravo is a good one. There is a thread there that shows a stacked brick oven being built.

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Thanks for the replys I will continue to watch the forum for upgrades before I commit to building .

Thanks again,


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I'll be on sabatical next year in Cleveland.

I'm looking for a baker with a WFO to show me the ropes...



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The Akron Beacon Journal ran an article a few years ago about a local individual that built a wfo. It is probably still available at

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Doc Opa


Mark from Toledo OH.   Sounds like you are looking for a temporary, quick and inexpensive oven.  Have you looked at earth ovens?    This would also be a nice weekend project to get you started.    My oven is a brick, Tuscan, Forno Bravo but with a 5 1/2" thick floor with 4 1/2" wall per the recommendation of a professional oven builder who built this oven.  My oven is also well insulated.  It takes two hours to white out.  My oven is generally at 550° F the next morning after cooking pizzas which I find a very good temperature for baking bread.  Anyways, let us know what oven you build and feel free to ask questions.  I learned a lot from this group as well.