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KitchenAid/Hobart stand mixer

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KitchenAid/Hobart stand mixer

KitchenAid Model K5-A


So I've been haunting this site for a while now basically just trying to get the guts up to actually get some baking done. I don't do well with failure(My pretzels were good but ugly!). I've been living overseas for a while and when I got back I realized that I have a stand mixer that's been sitting in my long-term storage for about 7 years. I was going to just take it to the local swap meet to get rid of it when I decided to do some research on what it was that I actually had. It looks like it's worth keeping! At least that's what I've gleaned from the other posts I've read. When it was first given to me by my MIL I thought it was a waste since it didn't come with anything. I never really knew where to start looking things up for mixers that were so old. Now that I know what to look for I'm still stumped! I know what it is, the motor runs when I turn it on, I know how to search, but really, it's kinda hard to find the accessories. Or is it? Whenever I type in the model number it comes up with modern KA accessories. Are these even going to fit? I don't want to get my hopes up and order this stuff just to get it here and find out that it doesn't work like it should. I've never had a stand mixer so I wouldn't even know how the things are supposed to fit. OK, I feel like I'm starting to whine now. Time to stop. I would really appreciate any help y'all could give me.  Thanks!








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Your K5-A was built before 1960 and originally came with a tinned steel bowl.  The bowl and agitator sizes have not changed and bowls and agitators from a K5SS, KSM5, KSM50, KSM500, or KP50 should fit your mixer.  I do not think that your mixer has a bowl to beater clearance adjustment screw so it may be a good idea to avoid any aftermarket silicone edged beaters like the BeaterBlade or SideSwipe.

The following modern KA part numbers should fit your mixer.

K5ASBP mixing bowl

K5ABB Burnished Beater

K5AWW Wire Whip

K5BDH Burnished Dough Hook.

White coated versions of the dough hook and beater are also available.



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I have a Hobart K5A with bread-hook, Whisk, and of course the stainless steel bowl. It was a gift and we never used it, not once.  It is in my garage covered with dust.  I don't want it, but seeing that there is some interest in it, what is the value?  I'm thinking of putting it on Craig's List.  But now I'm thinking it's a collectors item.  Is that correct?  I think that originally the cost was in the  $180 range.

  Any ideas?