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G'day from South Australia!

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Julia W-B

G'day from South Australia!

Hi there just found this site which looks soooo lush I'm almost full already after just 20 minutes!!! I' m looking forward to being in a like minded World and getting more skills for the eternal Sour-dough journey.... Julia

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And G'day to you.  There are a number of folks from Down Under that frequent this site, so you'll shortly feel at home.  Besides, how could you not be happy in the company of other bread-heads?

Do check out the Handbook and Videos links at the top.  And make liberal use of the Search tool at the upper left corner.  Odds are pretty good that you'll find the information you are looking for, plus a whole lot more.  Of course, you can always ask.



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Hello from wet and soggy Brisbane :)

Welcome aboard. There is a endless amounts of information and knowledge here.