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Kitchenaid K5-A Dough Hook Question

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Drexler McStyles

Kitchenaid K5-A Dough Hook Question

I recently was given a Kitchenaid K5-A Mixer. It came with a beater and whisk, but no dough hook. I did a little research and found that the K5ADH should be the right one for my mixer. I recieved it today and put it on the machine. Unlike the whisk and beater, the bottom of the hook does not touch the bottom of the bowl. I'm actually able to fit my finger between the two. Is that normal for this part or did I maybe get the wrong one? the Kitchenaid website was petty worthless when I looked there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Most Kitchenaids have an adjustment the height of the bowl, meaning you can move the bowl up or down while the bottom of the hook remains fixed. You could also search their website a little harder and/or download an owner's manual for your model from them or numerous other online sites for instruction. If you raise the bowl be careful not to go so high that any of the attachments rub the bottom of the bowl. There needs to be a little clearance.

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But I switched the C hook out for a spiral dough hook.  They recommend it for larger models, but it runs and fits on the K5 fine.  I run it only at slow speed, which KA recommends for this hook anyway.  It still does not touch the bottom, but the dough doesn't climb the spiral like it does the C hook design.



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When I first tried my DLX dough hook, I was very disappointed. I read the manual closely and found that the clearance should be from 5 to 8 mm (⅕ to ⅓ in); I didn't have enough clearance to pass a matchstick. After making the adjustment, the hook action was great. From my experience in watching the dough and from reading the manual, it became obvious that the hook should not be too close to the bowl, else the kneading action is compromised. I imagine the same is true of the KA.



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is a model K45SS, with the hook in place, I can put my finger between the hook and the wall of the bowl and between the floor of the bowl and the hook there is approximately like 2 fingers.  That's the hook that came with the machine and I do all my mixing for my breads and pizzas and works great.  I hope it helps for you to know.


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The K5ADH is the correct hook for a K5-A mixer and having enough clearance to fit a finger between the bowl and the end of the hook is normal. I do not  believe that older K5-A mixers came with screws to adjust bowl to beater clearance.

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I have an adapted spiral dough hook for my tilt head KA Artisan! It works just great. Look at Ebay for the Dutch seller: which includes a Youtube video! Just great!!!!