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My name is Leah.

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My name is Leah.

My name is Leah. I recently got a breadmaker and can't believe how often I've used it. Or how much flour I've gone through. I don't have the patience to work dough, so I normally use just use the dough cycle and bake it in the oven. My husband may hate cookies, cake, or anything sweet...He loves fresh bread though. We can easily eat a loaf in a day. When I've done it a little more, I'm going to begin freezing it so I can give it to family and friends. I've also recently thought about building a wood burning stove this summer. I need to add more projects to landscaping the front yard, building square foot and vertical gardens, and working on the back patio and firepit.

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That's how I started out - the bread machine doing the heavy lifting, but I baked the breads in the oven. Bread machine crust is nothing special and the shape of machine baked loaves is odd. When the breadmaker finally gave up its ghost, I switched to working with pre-doughs or stretch and fold, instead of long, tedious kneading.

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your hubby, I happen to like cookies, cake, etc...  I never had any interest in a bread making machine, but I do love baking bread. I have some extra time on my hands because I am recovering from my 4th major knee surgery so I can indulge my passion for good food. The danger, of course, is that I do have to watch my weight. Don't want to balloon to a blimp!