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self raising flour question

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self raising flour question

hi everyone.

i have a question that has been bugging me for the longest time. perhaps someone here can answer it for me.

i understand that older recipes, or handed down ones might have use for self raising flour.

why, in any current cookbook, would author have some recipes using self raising flour, and other "quickbread" type  recipes, in that same book,  using ap flour with appropriate amts. of baking powder, soda, and /or salt?

i have tried to figure out the rationale, and cannot. it seems silly to stock yet one more type of flour, if not necessary. it is also a bit frustrating at moments to switch up, interchange the quantities.

why bother even including self raising flour, at all, in the recipe? does self raising flour have some property that ap mixed with leavening agents does not?

i thank anyone and everyone for answering this for me. this should be the worst thing i worry(not really worry,of course) about, in life!! lolol

i have been long time baker, loving it so much, loving the journey of creating , and i enjoy learning from all of you. thanks in advance for your input.


and a belated happy and healthy new year to all!!