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No yeast developement in my starter?

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cara bc's picture
cara bc

No yeast developement in my starter?

This is probably my third attempt at making a decent starter- I have been using 100% hydration with whole whet flour. There are strong sour smells, but no bubbles after the 4th day. I have had this problem before- where are all the yeasts?? Thanks!

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Hi Cara,

The following links should answer your questions:

Finally, this one is just good reading:

Lots of stuff to read, but knowledge is power and results in great sourdough bread!

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Give it at least 6 more days. 10 days is minimum! 

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cara bc

Yup, I think it's a patience thing because I have had the same results even when using pineapple juice. But thanks, I do enjoy reading it all! Should I continue to feed it?


Thank you!!!

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I had the same problem when using our chlorinated tap water... changed to starting and feeding with bottled filtered water and had great success... or you can let the tap water sit out (at least) overnight to dissapate the chlorine... I like my starter better with water than with juices.

cara bc's picture
cara bc

I changed the hydration to 50% when I fed it, and when I woke up this morning, there was definite yeast activity!! Yay! Thanks everyone!!!