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Hey From NC

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Hey From NC

Hey Guys,

New to the board, been lurking for a while and just signed up. Originally from Jersey been in NC for 15 years and it's not possible to buy real Bread down here so have been baking my own for a few years now.

Belong to under the same name (can't get a real NY Pie down here either)

The forum looks realy good and I think I can learn a lot from y'all :)


Mangia Bene :)




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Welcome Jerry!

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Hi Jerry and welcome to the site, my sis lives in NJ and has a place in NC too, when there last year we went to a place called Elizabet Pizza on Market Street in Wilmington and had some great pizza there. Don't know if you're anywhere near Wilmington but if you are try it, also in the same shopping center off to the right is a great Italian Deli where I got some hard to find flours and pastas. This is a great site, the people on it are very helpful and friendly. mattie