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Sok Bouy


I'm new to this forum. Hope to learn a lot from all of you. Thanks.

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I have some tips to using this site:

1.)  Practice, practice, practice.  Then tell us your successes and failures.  We'll all learn something.

2.)  Read TFL regularly.  Watch the videos asap.  Do those two things will give you a fund of knowledge about some things you'd never thought about.

3.)  If you're new to baking, consider getting a local mentor or taking a class.  Getting direction from a practiced baker will help.

4.)  If you read to learn, consider buying a text book.  Texts, not cookbooks, have an obligation to teach from the ground up.  I recommend DiMuzio's Bread Baking.  Cheap, short, yet thorough.

5.)  Use the search box when you've got questions.  So many questions are repeats that you'll find answers there faster than by waiting for readers to post them.

6.)  Practice, practice, practice.