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Panasonic recipes

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Panasonic recipes

Hi All

I recently purchased a Panasonic SD 2501 bread machine.  The recipes accompanying the machine are very limited and not particularly good.  Does anybody own this machine or is familiar with it in any way that can tell me where else i might be able to get suitable bread recipes for it?

It has set menus for resting, kneading and rising times etc.  So while i can find a plethora of recipes for bread generally, whether they are compatible i dont know and if they are, which menu is the relevant one for which recipe is a mystery to me.

If anybody can assist it would be great. 

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for mixing and the first rise, only. I don't like the crust of loaves baked directly in the bread machine, and, also, their odd shape with a hole from the kneading hook.

But if you want recipes just for bread machine baking, look at Amazon, they have several.


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I've been using my Panasonic SD-YD250 machine for two years, baking two to three medium machine loaves every week.  I usually use the French bread program, making lean loaves (no sugar or milk solids).  I've also stopped using melted butter, replacing it with 1 Tbsp of light olive oil per loaf.

I experiment quite often with adding biga or poolish starters to the lean French bread recipe, usually with acceptable results.  In the evening I put the water and olive oil in the bread pan, dribble small cuttings of the biga starter into this liquid, then add 3 cups of bread flour and smidgeons of salt and diastatic malt powder.  I use a small wooden spoon to slightly mix the flour with the liquid in the bread pan before I close the cover...   Then I put a bit less than 1 tsp of instant yeast in the yeast compartment in the bread machine cover.    Before I go to bed, I press the start button on the machine.  When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a lovely loaf of lean bread, cooled down and ready to eat...

Because the Panasonic machine has only one kneading blade, I've found that mixing the ingredients a bit beforehand ensures that I get a quality loaf in the morning :)

My local library has a copy of Eckhardt's "Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine", and I've checked it out many times to make complicated specialty loaves for special occasions.  But I've found the recipes in the Panasonic manual generally work very well when making my daily bread entirely by my bread machine. 

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I have the Panasonic SD2502 model. 

I like many of the recipes in the manual. The seed bread, tear and share and almond-apricot work especially well. 

But yes, the collection is limited. I enjoy Bread Lovers Machine cookbook by Beth Hensperger. She adds vital wheat gluten to almost every recipe, including when she uses just bread flour. I prefer to weigh rather than measure flour, so I end up converting all her cup measures to grams and I exclude the gluten in most recipes. I still get great bread.