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My traditional clay wood-fired oven

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My traditional clay wood-fired oven

This is the traditional clay oven I built in my garden. It has been absolutely brilliant for cooking pizzas, roasting meats and baking bread. If you fancy building one yourselves you can read how-to at my blog:



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Hi Simon

Welcome to the Fresh Loaf - that's a great oven you've got there, I'm dead jealous! :-)

I do have a WFO, but it's a cast-iron chiminea and a completely different beast to yours:

I have a great deal of fun with it, even so - and it is 'portable' after a fashion.

I've had a quick scan through your blog - I loved the community school input. If I was close by I'd have loved to have got involved. I'll have a longer browse when I have more time - lots to interest me, there.

I was looking through your blog for a mention of the UK-based WFO forum, the members of which would, I'm sure, love to have you on board:

Whereabouts in the UK are you - I'm guessing somewhere in the SE corner. I'm based in Taunton.

Best wishes, Paul

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That's a wonderful oven, it looks as if you have had many happy hours cooking in it.

Here's my oven that I built from mostly recycled materials.

I'm also a member of the wood oven forum, it's a great place and would appreciate your experiences of cooking on a wfo.