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Testers for Baking and Pizza Software

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Keith Sherwin

Testers for Baking and Pizza Software

Beta Testers

Hi All, 

Tried putting this in a thread, but no response, so am taking Floyd's advice and posting as a new topic in the forum. Not really sure of where I should put it, so I just picked here.

I am trying to develop a Windows Based Software program that scales recipes based on percentages. And after looking at Floyds calculator, I got some more nice ideas.

I have, mostly, completed a calculator for Pizza and now am working on doing one for Bread.

Being pretty new to the "Artisan" bread scene as well as percentages and never having done any Sourdough, I especially need HELP with that - as well as ideas about how it would work best. I won't please everyone, but I will try to make it as user friendly as possible.

So, what I need is a few beta testers for both the pizza and the bread software - eventually, I will combine the Pizza Calc in with the bread - in fact, the bread was derived from the Pizza Calc.

For Round One, I would like about 5 folks as Beta Testers initially.
I certainly need 2 Sourdough bakers, a couple of Artisan bakers all relatively computer literate and one that is not too great with computers. I would like at least one Metric person in the group. This will be in addition to my current beta testers that have helped the program get to where it currently is.

After Round One, I would like to increase the size of the group to 10 or 15, using the same criteria.

Oh, it will really help if you can guess what I really was trying to do with the part that doesn't work right :-)))) . 

I could certainly use some suggestions from the beta testers as well I would like to hear what others would like in the software.

I don't really plan on selling this, it will be more of a give away BUT, if branded with a business, I would like to get something.

SO, IF you are interested in being a Beta Tester, send me a PM with your skill level and the type of baking you do. It should be available some time this week.

Hope there is some interest in this.


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Hi Keith,

It might be just me but I think you are approaching this in a difficult way. As I see it, and as I use the formulas I bake more than once, using Bakers Percents or Bakers Math based on total flour gives me the ingredient amounts I need. I have used some spread sheets that allow for inputting the desired dough weight which is helpful if I am baking in pullman pans where the exact amount of dough is critical.  Again the bakers math is simple enough I can do it over coffee with a pencil. Folks that struggle with bakers math I suspect will have the same issues using a variable entry spread sheet.

You are a new guy here and I don't have any idea of your baking skills. I suggest you join in the fun and bake some bread. Introduce yourself first as a baker. The community here is heavy with IT types and programmers, scientists, professional chefs, Pro bakers, consultants, physicians and on and on, not to mention many great home bakers who enjoy baking just for the family. After you start to understand the connection we have with our favorite recipes you will learn that the technique is far more important than an exact number on a spreadsheet.

So, don't be disappointed you don't have 15 beta testers clamoring to work with you. Bake some bread and you will see what I mean.


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There are more than a few of us here who have or have made simple spreadsheets for calculations related to bakers math. There is also software that professional purchase for large scale productions. I'm not trying to discourage you yet I agree with Eric, get your hands covered in flour first.


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Yeah, I develop software and it is imperative that you test. It is part of the scientific process. Observation is not an option, it is necessity. I learned that the hard way. Logic is fickle until you have  experienced.


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I would buy a well designed piece of software that would do bakers percentage for me.  Most of the spreadsheets are hard to get downloaded to my computer and don't always do what needs to be done in an organized way. Not a beta tester, but possible customer.  Pam (highmtnpam)

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Keith Sherwin

Hi Pam,

You would be in luck as "It is NOT FOR SALE".

It will be FREE.

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Advice, You want to charge for it. It doesn't make sense to offer honest work for free, if your work is valuable you should be compensated. You deserve it right? Also when you do not price your work fairly it is not a personal decision. By offering valuable work for free, you compromise the value of everybody's people's work against their will. It is the whole reason why unions exist in theory, I don't want to get political or preachy.

Also by charging for your work you are forced to produce a quality product for which people are willing to pay. Hence the saying "Free for a reason". Again I dont want to get political.

I worked on conversions and baking tools and to get it to work, it took me three years on and off with tons of testing. If you *really* want to do bakers percentages, take a look at the 'Calculator' link. As a developer you have to jump higher than your previous competitor. 


By looking at the online converters out there, it is easy to make poorly designed converters (Only one ingredient conversion  at a time, then you have to search a list to find the unit you wanted, using 125g/cup for flour, asking the user to input too much information).  

After looking at the 'Calculator' link you should have very solid points on what new you will offer to the prior art.