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Need new stove

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Need new stove

I'm a new comer. I'm a 72 year old male and love to cook. And love to bake!

I'm looking to buy a new stove and am looking at GE 30" free standing Gas range model # JGB600DETWW 5 burner stove $1066.00 out the door.

My problem is everywhere I go online there are such horrendous reviews of so many ranges.

The above range has one oven and I'm really envious of the dual oven models but the most I can afford is 1500.00 and would like a five year warrantee as well.

I presently have a four burner Magic Chef and it was a total mistake. It was an absolutely beautiful thing in the show room. A chrome top, self cleaning oven and because we owned a Magic Chef that lasted over twenty years, I bought it. Hmmf. What a disappointment it was, within a year the auto lite burner feature was kaput. Three years and the Chrome top was rusted out.

I had bought a five year warranty and they replaced the top and moved the controls for the auto lite feature to the bottom of the reange (they still work). Then I made a grievous error, I used the self cleaning oven feature! It burned holes in the bottom of the oven. One time and the darned thing burnt several holes in the floor of the oven.

And within three years the new top rusted out as well. Now, insult to injury, the back left burner has a hole around it and gas escapes inside and ignites, so it's unsafe to use. So I now have a three burner stove and the oven has gone out completely! A complete piece of junk!

So I need advice on what to buy. The men in my family do not get past 82 and I'd like this to be my last purchase. So any help and or recommendations will be appreciated.

Vaya Con Dios


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Dear Errol,   Check out the Maytag stoves, Gemini models--there are several.   All come in electric or gas, all have 4 burners and two ovens.   I LOVE MINE.  Have had it about 4 years now and not one problem, cooks and bakes like a dream.   Mine is white porcelain and the burner racks can go into the dishwasher - no more scrubbing with SOS pads.   Paid $1199. for it at Sears, but all appliance stores carry them.   Here is the site at Sears for them:

Hope you like them!   Joey from Illinois

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Hi Errol.  Welcome to TFL!

I'm not familiar with the GE model  # JGB600DETWW stove.  Nor could I find any recent reviews.  BTW, Home Depot sells that model for $854.

I looked through my Consumer Reports Buying Guide for 2012.  The top five models listed are:

(1)  GE Profile, PGB910SEM - price listed: $1,500

(2)  LG, LRG3097 - price listed: $1,900

(3)  LG, LRG3095 - price listed: $1,400

(4)  KitchenAid, KDR5505SX  - price listed: $2,000

(5)  LG, LRG30915w - price listed: $800.

The prices noted by CR may be different in your local stores.

While Internet reviews are good to read, many times the products being reviewed are not current models, so I always make it a point to read the most recent Consumer Report guide since its an independent testing facility, non-commercial, and buys each product it tests.

As to the five-year warranty,  not even Wolf offers a full five year warranty on their $3,000+ range, so that may be hard to come buy.

Hope this helps, and best of luck in  your search.