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Could anyone please advise me the UK equivilent flour to Austrian W700 CLEAN Flour

I wish to bake Sacher Torte.

Thank you.  Embe

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Mini Oven

I know griffig and glatt.    

Unless... the "naturrein" label which means "nature pure" -- no added chemicals?  Could translate as "clean."

My W700 glatt flour has 13.9 g of protein for 100g, a bread flour, but it might have too much gluten for a chocolate cake.  Just letting you know.

My Sacher Torte recipe asks for W480 glatt flour, all purpose.  I've had trouble with W480 having too much gluten.  


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Hi Embe,

W700 is the Austrian equivalent of German Type 550, French Type 55 and the number refers to the ash content in the flour [c.0.55%], that's the mineral residue when a portion of the flour is burnt.

I'm afraid this does not really help you with regard to the protein content in the flour/potential gluten forming proteins.   You would have to get that information from the manufacturer, but beware, as Mini advises above; 13.9% protein is too high for the product you want to make, unless it is a high protein CAKE flour, which I doubt if it is that level of ash.

Clean?   Two thoughts come to mind.   Firstly it doesn't have any chemical raing agents added [UK equiv: plain flour].   Secondly it is untreated with Ascorbic Acid and/or Sodium Chloride.

Hope this helps

Best wishes