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Seeking feedback/advice about Bertazzoni gas oven

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Seeking feedback/advice about Bertazzoni gas oven

New here, have been browsing and have not found anything about a Bertazzoni Oven using the search. 

Recently my home oven died, and it is such a bad oven that I'm looking to upgrade rather than repair.

Does anyone have experience, advice, words of wisdom regarding the Bertazzoni Professional Series  X304GGVX  (30 inch, 4-burner, Gas Range)?   Especially in regards to baking bread?  I bake mostly 100% whole grain/fresh ground flour/rye or ww - so 'dense by design' bread

Feel free to suggest any other great bread baking home ovens that are out there.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.


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The appliance forum on the gardenweb might be helpful


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You might be interested to know that CR had two Bertazzoni gas ranges in their ratings of 30" professional models. They came in tied with each other for dead last. They were the cheapest of the ranges in that particular list. (A Wolf range was rated best, and sells for $5,200.) In the "non-professional" list -- a much longer list -- the Bertazzonis would have been nearly the most expensive, and still would have been last.

You need to be a member of the website to see the ratings at, but you can probably find the magazine at your local library.

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Hi Jaywillie,


I was at the library today, and found two Consumer Reports oven reviews from July, and Dec 2011, but the Bertazzoni was in neither of those.  Please provide me with month and year of the review that you are refering to. 

Thank you,


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I have cooked with this Bertazzoni Gas oven for about 6 years and find it to be one of the most powerful ovens available I have not baked bread but it makes exceptional pizza, roasted meats and the best roast potatoes.  When baking more delicate items it is important to move the racks up higher in the oven away from the strong base heat.  The oven also has a Convection feature that is handy for multi-rack cooking.  The Bertazzoni range is a traditional range and is not in the same category as the Professional Style ranges from Thermador, Wolf & Viking and shouldn't be compared to them. The burner performance and infra-red broiler are fabulous, these stoves are easy to cook on and very easy to with all appliances some education on the tools you are cooking with goes a long way to getting the best performance from that appliance.

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Thank you mizrachi, jaywillie and CookerGal  for the responses,

I've just spent way too much time at the gardenweb site.  Very interesting.  The majority of what I've read, Bertazzoni owners love their ovens and stove tops.  There are a few who have been dissappointed, with the main issues (and not everyone has these) being 1)  loud fan, and 2)  heat coming out at waist level when the oven is on.  I've read that this may be due to gas pressure not being adjusted properly, and/or LP gas conversion steps not being completed properly - not sure if this has anything to do with the fan noise though.  Could other improper installation details also be a cause? 

I've yet to get to the library to look at the Consumer Reports reviews.  It will be interesting to see what they didn't like. 

Personally, I don't need high Btu burner power, as most of my cookware is triple layer bottoms and shouldn't be used on high heat anyway, plus I only have a recirculating hood, which shouldn't be used with high range Btu burners anyway.  I like the fact that the oven is smaller.  Seems like it should take less time to heat up to temp, and I'll never cook a turkey, except for maybe a smallish one...  I'm pretty eco-minded, so I welcome the smaller oven size as I don't see the point in heating and maintaining the heat for extra oven space that I'm not going to be using for my baking purposes.

Cookergal, one of my concerns is the max 500 F of the oven.  I bake bread at near that temp, usually 45 minutes to an hour for dense moist rye breads and am wondering if the oven will hold that temp evenly, and for that length of time.  Also, do you know if the convection in Bertazzoni gas ovens is "true convection"  that is does the convection fan have its own heat source?  I noticed in their literature that the electric ovens are true convection, but I can't figure out if the gas ovens are.  Is that even a concern?  Or even a possibility for a gas oven?  I'm new to the whole convection thing. 

I also am a bit concerned about the height of the oven, but as suggested at the gardenweb site, I'll take the pans and sheets and cloches that I use to the store with me and test them out.  Unfortunately, the store only has a 36" on display, so its' oven may differ in height a bit.  However, if things fit in there fine, and it is just too tight to be able to put the cloche top on, then I hear there is a gliding shelf that would make that  part easier. 

Thanks again for the responses so far, and in advance for any new comments.



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So let me explain about the fan.....when you turn on the oven the cooling fan that cools the heated air that builds up around the oven immediately turns on this way the range can be installed zero clearance to your cabinetry without risk of warping the cabinetry.  In addition the cooling system keeps the electronics on the front of the range other words it is a good thing but if you do not understand why it is there the blowing air will take you by surprise.

The Convection system is not a true Convection but a Fan Assist however it is very powerful and works very well, it is rare for Gas ovens to have a heating element around the fan like the electric ovens.  I prefer to use Bake for baking heavy dense batters, I like the Convection for meats, fish and vegetables and it's great for doing several racks of cookies at one time.

You can use 1/2 sheet pans in the oven and I am sure the Cloche pan will fit as long as you have the rack on a lower position.  If you do cook a turkey in the oven it will be fabulous, it takes me about 1 1/2 hours to roast a 15lb turkey in Convection (no stuffing) I put it on a rack in a shallow pan, let the Convection air circulate around it, no turning no basting it cooks to perfection.  I am not a big bread baker I only bake really easy breads but if you want to send me a recipe to try out I will be happy to give it a go to see how it performs.

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Hi CookerGal,

Thanks again for the response. 

From my reading, and investigation of the Bertazzoni use and care manual exploded parts diagrams,  I understand the purpose of one of the fans is to keep the door cool.  I'm a little confused by your explaination because pretty much any freestanding oven can be put in between cabinetry with 0 clearance to the sides and back.  If the oven is well insulated, then why is there a need for a cooling fan?  Do you happen to know the insulation specs and know what they mean?  I would hope in these times that ovens are better insulated now than 25 years ago, but I'd prefer to know the specifications over being disappointed.   If the cooling fan is just an added safety feature then great.  I realize that all ovens have to vent somewhere, but my understanding was that the Bertazzonis vent from the 2" or 4" backboard.  So if the oven vent IS back there, then why would the door cooling fan blow HOT air?  Does your oven cooling fan blow unbearably hot air, or is it room temperature? 

I thought there wern't electronics (computer chips/boards) in the 'control panel?'  Obviously there has to be some kind of connection/wire that goes from the knobs to the ingnitors.  Is that what you meant by 'electronics?'

Thanks for the clarification about the convection fan.  That helps.  Multiple sheets of cookies at once - Yumm! 

I'm pretty sure the cloche will fit in the oven, it is just that I preheat them to 460+, and need to manuver the hot lids over the shaped loaves without burning myself, or deflating the dough.  It is the ability to manuver them that I'm concerned about, but that could be solved by pulling the oven rack out - a bit more initial heat loss that way, but safer.  Hopefully, I won't need to use my azalia pot cloches in the new oven, but I've been trying out friends and neighbors ovens, and haven't been impressed with some of the models that are just a couple of years old.   That is why I started considering the Bertazzoni in the first place.  I bake sourdough breads that sometimes take me 3 days to complete, with several dough builds, soakers etc.  I can hardly ask you to take that time and bake my recipe, but thank you so much for the offer. 

Oh - thought of another question, do you use a clay pizza stone   when you bake your pizzas?  Are you baking fresh dough, or frozen?

Thank you so much for all of your time and replies.


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Apparently even if ranges are insualted on the sides the cooling fan is required to minimize heat build-up.  Even though Bertazzoni doesn't have electronics  the cooled air  is foreced out at the front to maintain cool knobs at all times so yes I would surmise it is an added safety feature.

Working with the cloche pans does sound a little challenging, but I don't think you would lose too much heat with that oven.  We cooked about 20 pizzas (fresh dough) non-stop using a clay pizza stone over a 2-hour period and they were truly amazing the crusts were cooked to perfection.  Bon chance!

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Hi sparcplug,

It's been 2 months since I bought my Bertazzoni range cooker - it's a dual fuel one and I must say it's been fantastic so far! But then I don't have anything to compare it with as this is my first range cooker. I got a deal online and it was the cheapest. I bought this Bertazzoni range cooker

If I had a bit more money I would have gone for a Britannia as they're a bit more sturdy and better looking in my opinion. Hopefully when we move house!


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KevRidge - does your Bertazzoni dual fuel range have a cooling fan which is always running when the oven is on? I have read complaints about this cooling fan on Garden Web but they seem to be from owners of the all gas models. If yours does have one, is it very noisy?


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My new appliance is beautiful, but has a super noisy fan that blows hot air out the front of the unit at every oven setting.  Is this normal?  Can the fan noise be minimized?  Why doesn't the heat blow up throught the vents behind the range?

Thanks for any info!

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Bertazzoni Italia


We are sorry to hear about your experience with Bertazzoni. Please know that we take product complaints very seriously. Kindly contact us at with your full name, number/email, location, dealer (if you went through one), and product model number, so that we may help.

Thank you, The Bertazzoni Team