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Hello from New Jersey

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Hello from New Jersey

Hi Everyone!

My name is Scott and I am finally joining this site after refering to it for over a year now for bread baking advice and tips. I graduated the Culinary Institute of America in 2011 with a degree in culinary arts. The entire time I was in school I only spent 3 weeks learning about breads and other pastry items. For over a year now I have been experimenting with different bread recipes at my home. Most of the recipes are from the Culinary Institute of Americas baking textbook, which have all been scaled to fit into my 6qt KitchenAid Mixer

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Dan Richer

Hi Scott.  No need for a kitchenaid! Just a bowl and your hands or a spoon if you dont feel like getting messy. Stop by arturo's in maplewood to taste some of our naturally leavened bread/pizza.  Hope you enjoy this site, I know I do!