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Bagel Board

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Bagel Board

What is the purpose of the bagel flipping board? What is the difference in crust, crumb, etc between bagels baked for 3-4 minutes on the board and flipped onto the deck and bagels baked directly on the deck, or on parchment paper on the deck?


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Baking on a board gives the bottoms a chance to spring and set into a nicely semicircular shape; the flipping allows the same thing for the top surface. The wet fabric keeps the tops flexible while the bottoms set.  You can bake bagels without flipping, but you'll get more of a semicircular or triangular cross-section, with one decidedly flat side. At the end of the day, it's a matter of esthetics and, to a certain extent, even baking. As my mother used to say, "It all looks the same in your stomach."

Stan Ginsberg

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Hi Stan

Thanks! Now it makes some sense. It seems to be an inefficient baking process.


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Which usually enticed us to eat less than pretty things because it all turned to, something a bit more southerly than the same looking food in the stomach. LOL :|