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Uniquely Belgian Breads?

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tn gabe

Uniquely Belgian Breads?

Not sure what got me onto this idea, but I started thinking about Belgian bread today. I've hit the google and tried the search. Waffles aside, seems like there is a restaurant in Chicago with that name. Other than that, I'm left wondering about the breads of a country that has so many of the world's best beers (well, my favorites at least). Specifically if there are unique breads from the lambic-producing region south of brussells or their are trappist breads on par with their better ales.

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I live in Brussels and I have a book for Belgian bread bakers, but I cannot remember breads made with beer. But certainly breads in Brussels are good. Belgian breads, as  far as I can judge, belong to the French panification tradition. They are basically the same that those you can buy in the North of France. The Dutch influence is much weaker.

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My Belgian Grandma always made a slightly sweet bread that had cinnamon in it. I have absolutely no idea how to spell it so I will spell it as it sounded when she said the name of it- cookabrut. Do you know this bread? I have been looking for recipes but since I cannot spell it, I have had no luck! I saw that you live in Brussels so I thought maybe you would know of it or perhaps know how to spell it.

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Hi debop,

your grandma probably made Koekebrood, which, glancing over some recipes on the internet, is either a sweet bread with raisins or little nuggets of sugarnibs. The dutch know it as rozijnenbrood (raisinbread). It's somewhat inbetween brioche and breadrolls. It's also known as Kramiek.

Haven't found a recipe with cinnamon though.

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I just posted one recipe for Koekebrood that may be what you are looking for.  My mother and aunts used to bake this bread.  I have not baked bread in decades, but this recipe was forwarded to me by my sister.   

I have a recipe for a second version.  Unfortunately, I do not have time to post it anymore today, but will try to add that one tomorrow.

Mary Ann