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All purpose flour in India

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All purpose flour in India

Hi could u tell me what does APF means in India. And what does is made of, can I use it to make tortila at home


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Mexican tortillas are typically made of "masa", a finely ground corn flour (finer than corn meal). You can Google the word to find out more. All purpose flour is a white wheat flour that has a lower gluten content than "bread flour". It produces softer baked goods than the strong gluten network of bread flour allows.

Hope that is useful. I'm sure some of the real experts will check in on this topic.


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I believe it is probably maida or white flour and can be called All Purpose Flour.It is a wheat flour that has most or all of the bran sifted out and leaves the flour from the starchy inside.  It has some gluten but not too much so it will make a reasonable loaf of bread and a reasonable cake.  If the flour was allowed to get too hot when it was ground ( a common occurence in India) it may not have enough good gluten left to make bread or tortillas. Between the heat of the day and the desire to make flour good for roti and other flatbreads, the flour is often allowed to get very hot during the grinding process. The heat degrades the gluten needed for loaf type breads.

Corn tortillas are made with corn flour but flour tortillas are made with white flour. The all purpose flour should work.  I don't have a recipe but maybe someone that has one will respond. Or just google for a recipe online.

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For those wanting to make tortilla in India:  you can substitute western all purpose flour (for this recipe which is unleavened, I stress) with maida or a maida/atta mix.  Prepare like you would tawa roti but roll them out thinner and bake less.  If you don't mind the yellow colour, get some maize flour (makki ka atta) and use that.