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Bulk Flour in Tucson, Arizona?

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Bulk Flour in Tucson, Arizona?

I recently moved to Tucson, Arizona from the Phoenix area. I am having no luck finding a store that sells high-quality unbleached bread flour in 10 or 25# bags.  I used to buy flour at Honeyville Farms store in Chandler and was very satisfied with their products. Can anyone give me some recomendations for finding flour in Tucson?  Many thanks!

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see if you can approach Smart & Final about ordering it for you - if they use Shamrock foods, as a supplier they can probably get you something nice.  I know Shamrock sells a restaurant there Guistos pizza flour.  Shamrock is wholesale & I don't believe they will sell to individuals, but it couldn't hurt to ask- you could approach managers, owners etc that do business with Shamrock & see if they'd price it & perhaps order it for you? Good Luck  ! - maybe Shamrock will tell you business that order the type of flour you want from them to call...


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They are often so small that the wholesale bakery supply places won't sell to them (or they have bad credit). Just ask where they get their flour (and perhaps if they do get their supply from a wholesaler they would get a bag or two for you with some reasonable mark-up to compensate for the hastle).  A donut shop might be another place to ask.

The closest Smart&Final to Tucson is in Mesa but if you get that far west they should have both their high gluten and bread flour in 25 and 50# bags.


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I'll be in Tucson in a few weeks and I can hook you up.

Call Noble Hops and have them take a message for "Uncle Jay."