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Uses for more exotic flours

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Uses for more exotic flours

I'm new here to TFL and have recently gotten into bread baking. I was given a few more exotic flours for Christmas and I'm curious to know how best to use some of these ingredients I am unfamiliar with. For example, I now have tapioca, quinoa, and brown rice flours. Many of these I have seen used in gluten free recipes, but I don't have any gluten restrictions in my diet. Can I substitute a small amount of some of these flours into other recipes and get new and interesting flavors? Or are these ingredients really only used in gluten free breads? How would you all recommend using these flours?

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You can always substitute 10% of wheat flour with those "exotic" flours that don't contain gluten, without any problem.

And there is Pao de Queijo, Brazilian cheese rolls, that are made with tapioca flour. The are a bit like savory popovers, and quite tasty.

Pao de Queijo.