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First loaf from wild yeast leaven

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First loaf from wild yeast leaven

Hi everyone,

I have been loitering in the background reading up on everyones experiences and great advice. Six days ago I started a wild yeast leaven which has been kept at room temperature and fed twice a day. This morning I noticed that it had become very active overnight so I scooped out a ladel of starter and made a sponge. This evening I have made a 100% whole wheat sourdough loaf. It took four hours for the first rise and then another three to prove in the banneton. Running out of time I decided to go for the bake and this is the result:

I am quite pleased and also looking forward to inspecting the crumb after it has cooled down.

Regards, Brian James

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Nice. How was d crumb? :)

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for a loaf made with a newly started sourdough. My first one was a brick.