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First bread of the year..

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First bread of the year..


Here was my first bread of the year.   I was looking to make a lean(er) type sourdough bread, but strike a stronger balance of sweet vs. sour, so I used the natural unfiltered honey I got from the beekeeper nearby, and increased it 10% by weight of flour.   80% is white flour, 20% is whole einkorn (unsifted) flour.

Maybe a little under-final-proofed, but it is well fermented, light and fluffy, and goes very nicely with spreads or a sandwich.  I'm glad there weren't too many large holes because I was given a whole set of delicious berry spreads for the holidays.   It turned a bit dark in the oven, especially near the crusty parts, but I didn't mind too much.   They are tasty crunches.

All weights in grams.   

Total Dough Weight: 1000
Total Dough Hydration: 68% (estimated)
Total Dough Flour Weight: 595
Total Dough Water Weight: 405
Levain Percentage: 30%
Levain Hydration: 125%
Starter Percentage: 10% of levain
Starter Hydration: 125%

Flour Soaker Percentage: 28%
Flour Soaker Hydration: 80%
Flour Soaker Salt Percentage: 1%

Final Dough Salt Percentage: 1.5%
Final Dough Honey Percentage: 10%
Honey Hydration Estimate: 75% hydration

KA Bread Flour Weight: 171
Water Weight: 214
Starter Weight: 18

Whole Einkorn Flour Weight: 119
KA AP Flour: 48
Water Weight: 134
Salt Weight: 2
Final Dough:
All Levain
All Soaker
KA AP Flour: 249
Water: 2
Salt: 7
Wild Blackberry Unfiltered Honey: 60




Next up:   Make a lightbox to get better photographs. 

And, Doc's Waffles.


Happy Baking!




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And I imagine the flavor is as good as the appearance.


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Nice looking loaf, gvz.  Great oven spring!  I like a dark crust, too.  There is lots of flavour there.

Best wishes for the new year,


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I would b very proud if I baked a loaf like that :)

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Appreciate the compliments!   Having high quality honey really makes a difference.

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Wonderful looking loaf, gvz.  You said it's a little underproofed but, as Syd said,  it's got great oven spring!  I always love the way your crumb turns out. :)

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Great looking bread. And I like the addition of Einkorn.

Happy baking,


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Thanks lumos and Karin.   Yes, I love the Einkorn as well.   Good to work with, and good flavor.

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wow! I'm in distinguished company