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Oven Stone

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Oven Stone

Good evening,

I baked my first loaves on an ooven stone that I purchased a week ago. It worked almost too well. The instructions in the recipe called for 450 for ten minutes and then 350 for 30 minutes. No problem, or so I thought. The loves cooked for 10 minutes and then I dropped the temp. down to 350. Within 15 minutes the loves smelled done to me. I've cooked pizza when I was younger for 5 years and I know when something smells wrong. I think the problem is I set the loaf pans directly on the stone and the stone does not drop in tempeture as quick as an oven does. Am I close or is there some secret to using an oven stone. By the way it's a peice of slate I purchased from a mosonary store for $8.00. Thanks for the feedback.


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Slate reacts very slowly to temperature change, which is why it is so good for grilling fish :)

Perhaps you might want to try an unglazed clay tile instead?