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Last Loaf of 2011 - Happy New Year

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Last Loaf of 2011 - Happy New Year

to everybody here in TFL - you are are the best!

My Last Loaf of The Year 2011 - German Many Seed Bread (from WGB). (Sorry, no crumb shot - these were for sale).

Happy 2012 baking,


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Looks wonderful. Happy Baking to you for 2012.

I will start the year  off with a fresh loaf. Great way to

start any day.


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Happy New Year Karin!

A splendid looking loaf to finish the year on. All the best to you in life.... and of course baking for 2012.


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Looking forward to seening more of your marvelous breads in 2012!


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Come on, Karin, stop teasing us with photos of bread exterior, Make two: one for sale and the other for TFL :P

Just kidding, Happy New year to you as well, and big thanks for your inspiring work!


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Hi Karin,

Great German bread, just like you always produce

Very best wishes for 2012


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Mini Oven

that came out of the oven after 9pm.  Didn't look as good as yours but disappeared just after midnight for sandwiches.  Hubby wanted a white loaf with 10% but my elves must have bumped my arm while weighing the flour, suddenly 115g rye was sinking into the water/starter mixture too late to spoon out.   Na ya, always did have a problem with too little rye.  :)  

Happy New Year!  

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Love your German breads!  Looking forward to your 2012 bakes!

Happy New Year!


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Hey Karin, nice bread. You are a pro. What book is WGB please?  Good and Prosperous New Year.


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and friendly wishes!

TFL is, next to my bread baking, what my husband calls "The Other Man". I experienced even some withdrawal symptoms during out trip to Mexico - especially since breads in Quintana Roo are soft white "fluff", the only good bread we had was served in an Italian restaurant. Otherwise the food was fantastic.

Ray, WGB is one of those TFL insider abbreviations. "Whole Grain Breads" (WGB), "Bread Baker's Apprentice" (BBA) and "Artisan Bread Every Day" (ABED) are bread baking books by Peter Reinhart, my most favorite bread baking author. You will find them mentioned in many posts here, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them (having baked almost every recipe).


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I am slightly embarrased, I have WGB, and BBA and couldn't connect the dots. Thanks again.  Ray