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Too much yeast bad?

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Too much yeast bad?

Been making bread for 1 year now with bread machine. The recipes all call for 3 choices of yeast; active or quick rise or bread machine yeast. I was reading the recipes yesterday and noticed that for the last year, I've been accidentally doubling up on the yeast... ooops. The loafs are always big & fluffy. I just made one with the recommanded yeast and the 1 pound loaf is way small compare to before.

Is too much yeast bad?


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If you really did use double the amount of yeast called for, the bread would rise quickly and taste yeasty and not very good.

Using less than called for will result in a slower rise and a better flavor. But that would mean you would have to start the baking cycle manually and wait on the rise.

Just for clarification, how much yeast have you been using to how many cups of flour?


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The one bread is Honey Wheat; it has 1/2 of whole wheat flour & 1 & 1/2 white flour. Calls for 1.5 tsp of Red Star Active dry yeast or 1 tsp of Red Star Quick Rise yeast or 1 tsp Bread Machine yeast and I've been putting 2 tsp of Fleischmann's Bread Machine yeast all this time and the loaf are nice and don't smell yeast.

Should I keep using 2?

Thanks for your input.

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"it has 1/2 of whole wheat flour & 1 & 1/2 white flour"   -   I assume those are cups of each type of flour.

2 cups blended flour equals about 255 grams and 1 tsp of yeast is about 3 grams so you're using just slightly over 2% yeast if you're doubling that ingredient.  I usually work with about 1% but I've read formulas that use 2% or greater ratios and they seem to work out just fine.

Don't worry.  Next time, just follow the recipe as its written and see how it works out.

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If you like the way it has been turning out this way then keep doing it.   


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Thank you all; I'll experiment


Happy New Year