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Hello from Metro Detroit, New2Baking

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Hello from Metro Detroit, New2Baking

Hi I'm new to baking and really excited to bake my first loaf of bread. I'm looking to get The Bread Bakers Apprentice. Right now I'm saving up for a nice mixer probably in the 8-12qt range. But anyway I want to make pizza. But I want to learn to make good bread first. My mother who is a wonderful person and good baker is my inspiration. And really my entire family is the reason why I want to make some good baked food. Hello to everyone, I know that I will have many questions in the future. This forum seems really cool and informative. Anyone from Michigan? Like Downriver area? Say what up.

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There are quite a few Michiganders here. I myself am from the Port Huron area but have been living in Lansing for quite a few years. I moved to Lansing when I was around 18 and now am 24 and looking to relocate as soon as my last semester of school is up. Been baking at local bakeries around here for a few years, but I'd love to see other places outside of the Mitten ;)

Metro Detroit eh? I am sure you've been to Zing right? They have some great bread classes with really respectable and informative instructors. But you are right, this forum is a wonderful resource with lots of great bakers willing to help everyone out.

Take care.

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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. I'm originally from Jackson, but now live in the Maryland suburbs of DC.