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Great River Organic Flour

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Great River Organic Flour


I was recently contacted by one of the members of this site inquiring about 00 flour.  Great River Organic Milling Company produces a wide variety of flour most of which are stone ground whole grain flours.  All of our flours are available on at very reasonable prices because of the fantastic shipping rates available. Often free shipping. Anyway I don't mean to write a commercial here on the site but was encouraged by a member to let you all know.

The inquiry really centered around what flour we have that may be comparable to a 00 flour.  The answer is this; we produce a whole wheat pastry flour made from soft white winter wheat.  It is a fairly fine grind and we sift off much of the bran.  The protein on a 14% moisture basis will run between 8-10%.  The flour is a lite cream color.  It is not white flour because it still contains portions of the germ and bran. There is a pdf file on our website titled specialty flours that describes the flour and lists the nutritional facts as well.

We sell a great deal of this flour to Artisan pizza makers and those that do brick oven pizza.  It makes a nice crust.  It is excellent for quick breads and cookies and pie crusts.  Of course I am the owner so I have nothing but good things to say about our products so I encourage you to look at others who have reviewed our products on Amazon.




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A year or more ago, I bought some of their bread-flour/rye blend and was quite satisfied as I remember.  I bought it through Amazon because I got free shipping.  For online flour sources, I've used Stan's, (for course rye/pumpernickel),, and Great River Milling through amazon.  I haven't had a bad thing to say about any of them.  Each seems to do different things well.  As to the moths in the house?  These came in via rice.  I've gotten pretty good at keeping them out of my precious flour!