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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Just checking in. I've been looking the site over and find it quite informative.  I've been baking sour dough bread from a 'very old' starter for too many years but the starter was lost to an accident.  I've recently started another and doing some fine tuning to my methods to see if I can turn out some nice consistent bread. I just purchased the folding proofer (incubator) and my first two trials were so much nicer than what I've done before in this old drafty house. I'm tickled with it.  Oh, east coast, Tidewater area, Portsmouth, VA.

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and this site is certainly very informative - and it can be downright addictive, too.

Karin (from Maine, originally Germany)

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Good to welcome someone so close, Portsmouth VA. This note is from Jean P. (VA) over in Middlesex County. You will really appreciate this site.

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Middlesex County??  Ok, great.   That's "almost" here.     With my limited experience with breads I thought this would be a good place to hang out to toughen up and try some others.

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Welcome to the forum.