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Sourdough Panettone 2011-finally a formula

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Sourdough Panettone 2011-finally a formula

I have never inserted a word document before and I hope this is visible.

 Thanks to Floyd for his Lazy Man's Brioche-a recipe that is a staple in my recipe box and on which this Panettone has been based. Maybe I should call it a Panett-oche!


A flower scented sweet, rich dough laden with orange peel, pineapple, cranberries and almonds. Based on a brioche recipe for a less dense crumb. Flavor mellows with time.



3 ½ c




¼ c +1 tsp




1 tsp




1-2 tsp (optional)- to adjust rise time. Without yeast, rise time is long.

May need additional yeast to shorten rise time-slow riser due to high sugar and fat content-esp proofing stage.

Orange zest


1 tsp









*Mix dry ingredients in mixing bowl. 

Active starter-soft dough consistency (flour/water)


¾ c

Prob. about 70-80% hydration starter. It should be well fed and very active.



¾ c +2tbsp



Approx 104g

2 large


Vanilla extract


1 tsp


Orange Flower Extract


1 ½ tsp

2011 Good level


113 g

½ c  (1 stick)

Cut into small cubes

*Mix wet ingredients in another bowl then add to dry ingredients.

*Beat in stand mixer for 15 minutes-until glossy and smooth. It will be a sticky dough. Handle with         either damp or oiled hands and bench scrapers.

* Put in oiled, covered container and allow to rise to almost double. A longer rise time helps preserve the bread after baking and develops flavors. Works well to retard overnight in refrigerator and finish rising on counter the next day. Slow riser,esp final proof.

*Add to dough and incorporate evenly: 

Candied orange peel-diced


½ c

2012 could use ¾ c/100g

Candied pineapple-diced

75 g

½ c


Dried Cranberries


½ c

2012 could use ¾ c/100g

Slivered almonds


1 cup

2012 could use 1 ½ /180g

Final Dough Weight




Large fruit can

(4 in diameter x 4 3/4 in tall)

Use 370-400g of dough to fill 1/2

Recipe makes 3 lg fruit cans and 4 king sized muffins

OR 4 large fruit cans (at about 350g-370g ea)

King sized muffin paper

Use 90g of dough each



 *Put into parchmented and oiled containers-OIL the PARCHMENT! Proof (a long proofer) and bake.

After 3 days sitting, the panett-oche smells a lot less flowery than originally when fresh from the oven. I did make notes on the recipe for next year for ingredient adjustments.  My starter was very active but I was in a time crunch s0 added 1 1/2 tsp yeast to decrease rise time.It really is a slow riser. Even with the extra yeast it took about 5 hours for the final proof (my kitchen is cool at 65F)

The loaf on the right in the crumb shot is another loaf-a White Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Walnut that I also baked for gifts. That recipe needs more tweaking for flavor. I also developed my Biscotti recipe in 2011. Maybe I'll do that in a separate post.

In reviewing, the format seems spread out-not sure how to correct that!

What delicious fun!

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This bread has aged well in the pantry since it was made a week ago. It toasts up fragrantly and the flavors have mellowed together. I will take this out of my "In Development" file and file it with my master recipes. I know it's past season but please enjoy the recipe. I couldn't have done it without all of you!

Happy Holidays to all!

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as does the other loaf, I am not a big panetone fan, but it looks nice, my brother now he would have eaten it all! :-)) but the basic concept of it sounds most intriguing and as soon as I can I will try it out, seasonal or not!