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I am so excited to find this site!

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I am so excited to find this site!

I was searching the internet for a gingerbread recipe and landed on Floyd's post from 2005.  Like others, I have a gingerbread recipe, but it's more of a cake and I wanted a bread.  I look forward to trying this tomorrow morning.  I enjoyed reading all the comments (6 years strong - last post earlier this month) and explored further.  Why did I not find this site before?!  It's fantastic to see such a collection of passionate bakers, new and experienced.  I will be visiting frequently, especially the Photography and Professional Concerns.  I have this lingering fantasy to own and operate a small, neighborhood bakery, where people come to smell (and buy) and visit.  I also thought I might build a brick bread oven in my yard.  I haven't yet, but did buy the how-to manual.  I have been an amateur photographer for over 30 years and a casual baker for longer.  My maternal family tree has many baking branches.  My fondest childhood memories involve smells of cinnamon rolls and banana bread.  I write more about that in my blog (below link).

Given my passion for all things risen, I frequently experiment with ingredient substitutions that lower fat and sugar and increase fiber, BUT DO NOT sacrifice flavor or texture.  My favorite dessert cookbook is Alice Medrich's Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts.

I love Jeff Hertzberg's grandmothers' quote in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day when reacting to her grandchildren eating supermarket doughnuts - "Those are too sweet.  Me, I'd rather have a piece of good rye bread, with cheese on it."  That's me, except I prefer multigrain or peasant style to rye OR an excellent American version of French bread.  Yum!

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TFL is a fantastic resource and community.