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I am new on here and am in the process of starting to bake bread for the first time. I am currently getting

together all the items required.


I am interested in 100% rye bread as my wife cannot eat wheat. Iwould be glad to hear from anyone who bakes that kind

of bread.. for tips etc.





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I recommend a number of things about using this website to your advantage: 

1.)  You've started well by asking a question.  While you are waiting for others to read and respond, use the search box on the upper left.  I don't know the answer to your question myself, but I put "100% rye flour breads" in, clicked  for the search to start and got lots of answers.  This is just one example of how to get answers more quickly here.  Many questions have been asked and answered already.

2.)  Read TFL often.  You'll never regret learning a little now and then.

3.)  Watch all the videos as soon as you can.  You'll learn a lot that you might never have thought to ask.  Bread baking has its own choreography, hand movements, arm movements, etc.  Videos help with learning the movements that work. 

4.)  Hands-on learning is great!  If you want to find a local home baker, post the area where you live and tell us that you're looking for someone who can teach you.  If you'd prefer a class, looking around for that.   Classes have turned my life around.

5.)  If you are a person who learns by reading, consider buying a text book for beginners.  Start by clicking on "Handbook" on near the top of any TFL page.  Read it.  But you might also buy a text for beginners.  One such is Dimuzio's Bread Baking.  There are others, many of which are great but not intended for beginners, which you are.  Cook books, by the way, have no obligation to teach you from the ground up.  As good as they are, they're not like a good course.

6.)  Practice, practice, practice, and then tell us about your successes and failures.  Never know what you or we will learn.




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thank you i will certainly take your advice and regularly us this great site