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Hi Guys,

I was tickled to stumble across this site as I was researching Sapphire wheat/flour that I purchased at an Amish bulk food store when I was visiting Holmes County, Ohio last week, (had to sift through a lot of jewelry sites with sapphires set in a wheat pattern to get here :).  When I found a homesteading site several years ago, I thought I had found heaven on earth, now I'm sure that I have!

I have baked nearly all of the cookies and birthday cakes and most of the bread for my family ever since my three grown children were in elementary school.  It seemed as though the responsibility of raising healthy bodies required that I do so.  Since that time, as I learned more about nutrition, my focus has been on adding more and more whole grains into our diet.  It was for that reason that I saved (and saved, and saved) for a Daimant mill.  After a lot of sweat and complaining shoulders, my new husband motorized it and I am grateful, glad that it can be used manually whenever we are without power, but very grateful that I can just flip a switch now, and consequently, use it even more frequently.

At this stage in my life, 62, shoulders are beginning to complain about kneading; but I still like the idea of labor-intensive calories.  However, in anticipation of future need, I have been looking into a Bosch heavy duty mentioned repeatedly in "Wildflour", my new favorite wholegrain cookbook.  I currently own a medium range Kitchen Aid that sounds like it is complaining just with a double batch of cookies, so I don't think there's much point in pushing bread dough through the thing just to watch it climb up over the top of the beater mechanism...

I love to learn new techniques and recipes and would very much like to review the videos.  Unfortunately, I am out here in the boondocks where we are limited to painfully slow dial-up, so I won't be able to do much of that in my leisure here at home, but thankfully, our county library has a new wireless system.   I can see some enjoyable visits to their parking lot with a hot cup of coffee and a laptop :)


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Sounds like you'd benefit from Jim Lahey's 'No-knead' bread method - which, apart from saving your shoulders, will save you spending your hard-earned pennies on another gadget.

The method is simple in that it involves placing the ingredients in a food container - mixing them, and then leaving them for about 12 hours. Then it's a simple matter of folding the dough, leaving it to rise and baking it.

There's a great video of this method, next time you're in the library. You can bake the bread as normal, or put it in a casserole dish as demonstrated in the video. Either way it makes great bread with minimum effort:

Or just google ' N0-knead' bread.

Cheers, Paul