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Does this Electrolux mixer work in the US?

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Does this Electrolux mixer work in the US?

After reading comparisons on these forums, I've just ordered an Electrolux/Verona/MagicMill stand mixer, the N30/AKM6220, which I'm really excited about. The only thing that worries me is that I couldn't figure out if this mixer requires 220V power or not. Some websites say yes, some say no, but most don't say anything at all. It will kind of suck if my S.O. opens it and discovers we can't use it without buying a transformer or something. Anyone know what the deal is?

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and they did not specify that, I would doubt it. I think this model may have been produced for the American market. That said, transformers aren't that expensive, we own two.

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Maybe disturbing news. Many appliances are made in both 220V and 110V versions yet have exactly the same model number. Given model number information, you often simply cannot tell what voltage it requires. Most likely the determinant is which country the place you purchased it from is physically located in. For example I've seen cases where and list the identical item, but one works on 110V and the other on 220V. (Yep, I'll say that again: and have different default appliance voltages.) As websites are all over the world, various websites quite often give conflicting information.

(Amazon is pretty good about always providing the information [albeit often in a very obscure place]. In my experience most other online retailers aren't so good. Sometimes the best way to tell is enlarging the picture that includes the plug - 110V and 220V plugs look enough different you can often tell what's what.)

(Regarding "converters": if it turns out you have to get something, get a "real" appliance transformer [even if it seems to cost more], which may weigh several pounds. The sorts of gadgets sold as "travel adapters" work fine for cellphones and hair curlers and the like  ...but aren't anywhere near beefy enough for an appliance. If you try to use one, it will just fry itself [and the appliance too if you're unlucky]. If possible get the "watts" number off the appliance, then be sure the transformer "watts" number is at least as big [or bigger].)

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The seller is a company called "Love to Learn", which appears to be a US based business, so I would assume it is the US version.  From a quick google search, they appear to be mostly a homeschooling curriculum business that also has "preparedness" stuff, like big bags of whole grains and such, and they also sell grain mills and this mixer.

I just got a (US version) Verona about a month ago and love it.  It is a great mixer.  Puts my old Kitchen Aid Pro600 (now deceased) to shame!  Does double batches of dough without even getting warm.

Looks like there is a link on Amazon to contact the seller to ask questions.

I got mine from and their customer service has a good reputation.  I had one minor problem with mine (the whisks were defective) and they took care of it very quickly.