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Hi! Longtime reader but newly registered

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Hi! Longtime reader but newly registered

Hi! My name is Erin and I love to bake. My favorite things to bake are sweets but I spent 6 months working in an old fashioned Italian bakery and there I developed a love for bread. We baked everything in a wood fired oven that got lit every afternoon then swept out and the bread was baked overnight. I was mostly the mixer so I really got my hands in the dough but I also got to do some baking and shaping. A change in family situation required a move and I had to leave but the dough stuck and I eventually stumbled across a website that told me I could achieve the same beautiful breads in my own regular oven! I was skeptical but I figured it was worth a shot and I've been hanging around here ever since. I have found so many wonderful recipes and so much inspiration here. I'm excited to come and start contributing myself!

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Welcome Erin,

Once the dough sticks to your fingers, your stuck :-)


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Welcome aboard, always nice to see a lurker de-lurk.