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I just found this site which looks great and am hoping I can learn a lot here.  I began cooking a few years ago, and can only do it when I have time which is seldom so I leave most to my wife who is a great cook.

But I like to cook and want to learn a lot more and create some items that are very different in the common world.  Since I am so new at this, I will be asking a lot of questions that may leave you wondering where I am coming from but I ask for your patience.  What brought me here was my search for a strong flavored sourdough bread.  Pillsbury introduced a new line of biscuits a few recent years ago that are found in the frozen section in blue bags. They had a really GREAT sourdough biscuit with a very strong flavor which I truly loved.  Unfortunately, they decided to pull the sourdough recipe off the market. It seems whatever I really like, no one else does or few do and they are pulled from the market, like these biscuits and Indian Trails Cranberry Salad made from the ground berries, orange, including some peel and sugar - no jello or gelatin PLEASE.  So, since I love it so much, my wife buys as many packages of cranberries as we can store and she grinds them and makes the cranberry salad for me.  It is GREAT, in my humble opinion.  We live in southern Indiana in an area known as BROWN COUNTY which is a large tourists attraction half way between Columbus and Bloomington and 50 miles south of Indy.  We are out in the country and no, it is not a farm.  There are 15 acres, surrounded by woods, hills and a small stream a ton of wildlife and we LOVE it very much.  I looked down here (when I was single) for 1 - 1/2 years until finally, we came up this drive with a large hill and when we got to the top, everything just seemed to open up, like spreading its arms for me.  I looked over at the house, saw this old log cabin with additions built onto it and said before getting out of the car, "This is IT!'  The realtor replied, "You haven't even seen the inside and I said it did not matter as that could always be changed which is what I and "we" have done.  I married my wife a couple of years later, and we are at HOME!  We have a large kitchen that we just created two years ago out of our family room.  It is 18' x 15' with a large island in the center.  It is also an all gas kitchen which makes it even better.  So, that's about it.  I am off to try to find a great sourdough recipe now. 

The Old One!

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Mini Oven

Welcome to TFL!   

Sounds like you know what you want in life and you're here looking for sourdough biscuits.  Not my specialty but I'm sure someone here can point you in the right direction.  What you need to get under your belt is bread basics and sourdough experience.  You can acquire a sourdough yeast culture or get your own started (yes it is possible) and while you're waiting for the culture to grow, start working on your better biscuit baking skills.

Sourdough culture, well you can google it first and then come back here and look up Debra Wink pineapple solution #1 and then #2 to get more specific background on making your own sourdough culture.  Sometimes it takes a few attempts but it helps to know what is going on in your kitchen experiments.  Getting a "starter" growing and maintaining it does require a routine at least twice a day for several weeks.  So plan when you're snuggled in and not doing a lot of traveling.  While the culture is taking hold, start a notebook and start on the site lessons linked on the homepage to explore bread baking skills.  Biscuits is a slightly different category but I'm sure you will want to try your hand at sourdough bread eventually. 

A tip: After each topic article you can choose to save by clicking on "add to favorites" which puts a link in your account file thus making it easy to relocate the article.  The site search box is packed full of discussions and recipes which make for a good read.    

                                 Enjoy and Welcome,   Mini

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Hello Old One from a fellow Hoosier (Morgan County).  I wish you well in your endeavors.  I have been baking bread for a long time, but love to learn about new techniques, grains, etc., am also looking forward to learning about sourdough.  Do you think I am hoping beyond reach when I yearn for that San Francisco flavor?  That would be such a miracle!