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Vintschger Parlen and Schabziegerklee

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Vintschger Parlen and Schabziegerklee

First:I wish everybody here a Merry Christmas and wonderful and successful New Baking Year! Florida is warm. It seems strange to me,  beeing Swiss, that this should be the time. At least: good days for using my SD to bake .

After reading Karin's post about the Vintschger Parlen and Blue Fenugreek/Schabziegerklee I called my girl friend in Switzerland. She mailed some Schabziegerklee to me. I am very surprised that those little buns are such a success with my customers here in Florida. They love them. This herb also makes a wonderful spread (mixed with cream cheese, sour cream). Thanks Karin for this great recipe! Also your Spelt bread is wonderful! I bake this all the time for my self since I am borderline diabetic.

My daughter has been visiting from Switzerland and brought me 10Kg Ruchmehl. 5 kg she had bought at a chain store and to my big surprise I read about the origin of the flour: Switzerland, EU and USA!!!!!! lol! I am now interested, if the the other 5kg (origin: Switzerland) acts different.