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No Knead Ciabatta pics

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No Knead Ciabatta pics

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This is a great loaf. Can you include the recipe?

Thanks, Nancy

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      4 c.       AP  521g   

      2 c.       Water  422g

2. tps.         Salt

1/2 tsp.       Instant yeast 

 1                Egg white (for wash) optionalIncorporate dry Ingredients then wet. Mix thoroughly. Let forment 18 - 24 hours. Stretch and fold several times.  Let rest for 15 mins.  Shape and let rise for 1 hour.   


 Pre-heat oven and dutch oven to 500

10 mins. @ 435 covered

35 mins. @ 435 uncovered Brush with diluted egg wash immediately after baking.N.B.  I use a 4 qt. oval cast iron dutch oven and I slash the loaves at the 10 minute mark when they are uncovered.