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How much starter to use?

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How much starter to use?


I wonder how much starter to use when making a dough. Please give me an average in percentage.
I mainly make pizza dough, consisting of 1300g AP flour, and 735g water. How much starter should I prepare for this?
I'll use the starter to make a poolish of all the water and an equal weight of flour (100% hydration), then add the rest of the flour the next day.

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of the total flour in the preferment.

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At the moment I am using 8 gms of fresh yeast to make a medium sized loaf, what amount of my starter would I use for the same sized loaf please?


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My wholemeal starter is full of holes, bubling nicely. How much of it would be needed to make a 2lb loaf, anyone know and can help please?


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one package of yeast is one cup of starter, but you can use up to 50% ( let say you are making 2 lb loaf that you can use up to 1 lb of the starter.

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to use between 10-30% of the total weight in levain.  You can start with 10 - 30 g of starter at 65 to 100% hydration, and build that in 3 stages to what ever you need.   If the total weight of flour and water of the fink product is 2,500 g then the levain can be between 215 and 645 g depending on how much time you have or how sour you want it.

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