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First photo posts here

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First photo posts here

I'm a recent convert to baking bread, and have just joined here so thought I'd post a couple of photos of my latest loaves. 


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Mini Oven

I can really see the details!        A big hardy welcome to TFL!  

     :)    I got the same cooling rack!  Isn't it great?

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tn gabe

Glad to see I'm not the only sufferer. On the plus side, great for pretending they are giant ears.


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Well sir, you're obviously doing quite well.  Those are some pretty nice looking loaves.  I like the rustic appearance of the conjoined loaf.  Something kind of "home made" about it.

It's ok to reduce the size of images prior to posting.  They take less space that way.  Thumbnails that the viewer can "click" on for a larger view work very well.

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Thanks for the comments, I've been pretty pleased with how they've been coming out. I've pretty much follow the recipes and techniques in the River Cottage Bread Book so far, but ordering up a couple of new books to investigate further. I've made plain white, wholemeal and rye so far, with one go at sourdough which came out well but we discovered that my girlfriend isn't so keen on sourdough. Need to do another sourdough starter and keep it going and try some more of that. I think brioche is next on the list and then ciabatta which I'm itching to have a go at.

The conjoined loaves is due to my baking stone only being 12x12", but my new one is a bit wider, full oven width, so should fix that 'problem' though I do like the homemade feel it gives, so I'm not at all worried by it.

I'll make the pics smaller next time, I just linked off to a photobucket page so they didn't take up bandwidth on the site.