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Panini Rolls

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Panini Rolls

Does anyone have a recipe for making Panini rolls.  I have several bread making books of which 'The Italian Baker' by Carol Field is the best on Italian breads but the secction on Panini rolls does not cover what I want.  I want to emulate the approx 6 x 3 inch rather flat rolls, nice chewy texture, which are filled with various fillings (roasted vegs, cold meats, cheeses) and then toasted in a grill press - or Panini press.

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You could try a ciabatta and just cut it down to roll size or a focaccia for that matter.

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I have used a receipie from the book "Home Baking" by Jeffrey Alfred & Naomi Duguid, I checked the book out from my local Library. The panni have Olives Green (no pimento) or brown either or both, really great.

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From the various types of panini breads I have bought throughout NZ it is obvious that the bread recipes used are diverse. For the texture preferred by Buster I agree with JIP, that a focaccia recipe might do the trick. I've been thinking of trying a focaccia recipe for panini in my cafe because our supplier doesn't weigh the dough pieces, and some of my customers grumble if they get a skinny one - which is fair enough because the quantity of filling also varies.