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Hello from London

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Hello from London

Hi, just a quick note to introduce myself. I've been baking bread for a little while now and found the forum while looking for some information. Looks to be a useful place to learn more and share experiences.



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Welcome to the site. Hope to see some of your bread work as you join in.


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You seem to qualify as a new home baker and new to this website.  Let me offer some suggestions from the position of a oldster at both:

1.)  There's lots here.  Read the site often to get the hang of it.  After a while you'll start to see categories of questions and subjects.

2.)  You'll see lots of questions posted.  I've noticed that many of the questions are repeats.  When you think of asking a question, before you do use the search function.  You'll get lots of answers there faster than you'll ever get them by posting a question.  In addition you'll learn lots of stuff that you probably never considered.

3.)  Watch the videos, all of them if you've the time.  Then, when something comes up that a video might help with, you can review it.  There are lots of videos elsewhere on the web that can be found using your favorite search engine.

4.) If you learn by reading, I recommend going to a textbook first rather than a cookbook.  Texts are intended to teach you from the bottom up.  Cookbooks have no such obligation.  That's not to say that there are educative cookbooks; there definitely are.  And some textbooks are too much for a beginner.  I strongly recommend reading Dimuzio's Bread Baking.  It's great for a beginner.

5.)  Use this website to post a note to find a local mentor for your bread baking journey.  Someone who's been down the road before you a lot of times can offer lots of help.  It never hurts to get your hands into a particular kind of dough that a mentor really knows.  There are, in addition, lots of moves to this hobby, a kind of choreography you might say.  Textbooks aren't as good as videos and watching and doing in person's the absolute best.  If you cannot find a mentor, or don't want to, it's sometimes a good idea to take a short course.

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Hi Justin,

welcome along to TFL.   I'm Northumberland based; quite a few UK bakers to be found here.

Best wishes


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Hello Justin

Welcome to TFL. I am another UK baker (from Shropshire). Enjoy the forum, there is lots of good advice already on here and plenty of people willing to try to answer your questions.

Best Wishes Richard

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Thanks for the messages, I was baking the other day so thought I'd post a couple of pics of my latest loaf. Also, my girlfriend just bought me a larger, fireclay baking stone as a birthday present to replace the paver that broke recently, so I'm looking forward to using that later this week.