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Place to buy and sell eachother's kitchen gear and books

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Place to buy and sell eachother's kitchen gear and books


I came across a place to buy and sell kitchen gear and books. It's better than eBay because it's free buy or to put items up for sale and they only charge a 2% fee when it sells. Not many items there yet, but we can add our products there from now on and upload image galleries too.

Kitchen related gear:

Books or cookbooks:

I don't have any kitchen gear on there yet but I do have some books for sale. I told a friend on the forums here and they bought a few of my cookbooks there, but I will also be adding a list of my used cookbooks up there when I get the time. So heads up if anyone wants them!

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although in a different format.  If it is bakers you want to reach, the For Sale forum here may be your very best bet.  And Floyd does not charge you 2% when you sell!  (Hey Floyd, there may be a business opportunity here!)


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because most undergrad and grad books are updated every 3 years, anything older might as well sell for a penny.



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Huh, that's odd. I went on Amazon to check the prices of many of these old books before lowering mine. I figured maybe if Amazon was still selling them, there might still be demand for them. Luckily there are no fees so I can leave them there forever and experiment with prices and see what sells or not.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

I was wondering why I wasn't making any money selling off my cookbook collection.

I didn't pay much attention to the fees charges, but when I did, I was shocked.

They charge a (15% referral fee) + ($0.99 fixed fee) + ($1.35 variable closing fee) PER ITEM, so unless you have valuable books to sell, you won't make much money; you might even lose some.

It is, however, the easiest Seller site to use. Just type in the ISBN and your book, etc. is listed right away–not like eBay,etc. where you have to fill out those long forms.