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Seeking a Magic Mill DLX 9000 Owners Manual

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Seeking a Magic Mill DLX 9000 Owners Manual

Hi Folks,

I've just gotten a Magic Mill DLX 9000.  I'd love to get an owner's manual for it.  Does anyone have one in .pdf format OR have one they could scan in to .pdf??  There's a site that sells these - but the payment page came up in Russian...  Made me a tad nervous supplying my financial info (know what I mean?).


Anyhow - thanks in advance for your help.



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Have you tried the link on the Magic Mill website?  Perhaps they have some  historical documenation on the DLX 9000?


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Here's the link:

I couldn't find it for free.


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Magic Mill's Current Manuals can be found on their main site:  Still can't find the older one - but not much has changed.